Friday, February 12, 2010

Girl Open House 8

Here are some pictures from the Girl Skateboards open house last month, and a Girl Orientation video to help understand the radness that was going down.
Free In N All all day
And a petting zoo, when want to take a brake from all the gnar going on.
The offices were open, so we were free to roam and check out the history. This is shrine dedicated the the memory of Keenan Milton. Rest in Peace.
Crew Shots!
Andy Jenkins was nice enough to let us tour his office, and check out some memorabilia. Thanks Andy.
Original Gabriel Rodriguez 101 graphic.
Original Mark Gonzales art.

The first run of Girl boards ever.

Got to take a picture with Guy Mariano, and Anthony Van Engelen. Both amazing skateboarders and some really cool guys.
The reason I was invite to the open house was because of made a sculpture based on Guy Mariano, back when he was a little dude. I was commissioned to make this piece along with some others for the Heart Project(the organization I teach for). I brought the piece down to give to Guy, out of gratitude for being and influence on myself and many others.

See you around Lil Guy!

Local rippers were invited to skate the contest being held in the GirlPark. So much good stuff went down,
he is some of it documented.

And here is some homie footage put together by my friend Tomas Diaz. In case your wondering I'm the guy who breaks his back!