Saturday, January 31, 2009

Red Forest Show

My friend Adrian took shot some footage of the Red Forest show at Thinkspace with KMNDZ/Ekundayo and me/Jeaneen Carlino from this past October
Think SPace Gallery

December To Remember

Around Thanksgiving time I was skateboarding down a hill, hit a rock and fell. It turned out I ended up fracturing my clavicle(collarbone). I couldn't move my arm for about a month, was in a cast and was in exrutiating pain. Luckily it was my right arm, and I am left handed. I am pretty bummed that I didn't get a picture of the bruise. The color was disgusting. I'll post a drawing I did of the bruise, once my scanner starts working. Here's what I would watch to occupy time.

All hail Cardiel!!

One of the craziest skateboarders of all time, with one of the most inspiring outlooks I've seen or heard of. THE SHIT!

Battle at the Berrics

World Class games of skate.

During the month I did a commission for my friend Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez, of his three sons. When I finished my girlfriend and I went to drop the piece off at Johnny's house, and I started fanning out when I met them. I guess from working on the painting for a while, it was like meeting celebrities. Thankfully the family dug the painting, even the kids, who are usually the toughest critics. The kids were full of energy, and we were there for about two hours looking at their cool toys and making jokes.

Here's the painting of the youngin's

Got to do a little bit of painting with the fellas

Patrick Ewing
Check out Andrew Hem's travels throughout Asia.

I still gotta finish Pretty Tony's sign.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dreams to Reality Benefit

I am a little late here posting this information, but there is show up that I am participating in with some friends a Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, Ca. The show is called Dreams to Reality, which is a benefit show to help out my good friend Alvaro Sanz, who is going through some hard times in Spain, so we wanted to help him out in his time of need. The show was curated by another good friend David Jien. The opening was fun, the show has some really nice artwork by a roster of some great artists. Hopefully all yall can make it out.

Thanks big Dave for putting it together, and thank you Nucleus for helping us out and letting us show!

Since Dave and Andrew have included flicks they have of Al and us, our adventures out, and other moments, I thought I'd post whatever I could find on my computer too. You can also check out my friend Al's great artworks here.

short film of Alvaro and buddy friend Beau

Also , I have piece up at Gallery 1988's under the influence show which will be up until the 29th. I had fun participating. Here's some pictures of the process.

Inauguration Day!

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to this monumental occasion. It is Inauguration day, perhaps the biggest in our country as I commemorate my website with a news section, then Barack Obama had to come and steal my thunder by being sworn into office.

Please stop biting my shit, this is supposed to be my day! jjjjjust kidding! Congratulations to my boy Barack Obama, on becoming the new President of the United States!

I hope everybody out there is having a great Martin Luther King day, had an awesome holidays and is having a great 2009.